Ebooks on Cannabis, THC and Marijuana?

An eBook is an online version of a book. Usually much shorter in the number of pages when compared to a traditional printed and bound book. EBooks are useful as they can contain bookmarks/links that make it easy to jump to specific sections, they may contain colurful illustrations, they can contain active Internet links to websites and you can print only the pages you want. Ebooks are portable on smartphones, tablets and other devices.

On the right of this page is a list of Ebooks that can provide specific information as described in the links. Most of the Ebooks are free. If you have found any books you feel should be added to the list please send us the links. info@imedthc.com

In addition you will also find books available on our affiliate page for Amazon.com. Books on Amazon come in several forms including hard bound, softbound and ebooks.

Many local libraries are begining to carry Ebooks so please check with your locality for availability.

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